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Using a form of treatment not currently in our treatment identification library?  Help us keep it up to date by sharing information!

Have you seen problems with some form of FIP treatment? (GS-441524, GC376, EIDD-2801, other) Report it!

Participation from the community is important to compiling the most complete set of data possible. Please note that we require that submitted data be from verified legitimate laboratory facilities -- while the individual submitting the data may remain anonymous, the source of the testing must be identified.  

Please email us at

Testing Information

We are working on setting up a way to collect samples for testing and labs available for testing.

We do NOT currently recommend the following lab due to anomalous and un-reproducible test results:

Toxicology Associates, Inc. 

Do you know of an independent lab or facility accepting samples for testing?  Let us know!

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